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Welcome to BisbeeCoin

Welcome to the Bisbeecoin
Hook Me Up Page

The BisbeeCoin has been created and completed. The technology to drive this amazing new crypto currency is in place and the vision (our roadmap) for our exciting journey can be found in our Whitepaper.

BisbeeCoin is the crypto for humanity beginning with America first. BisbeeCoin isn't just about having a stable and solid crypto currency, it is about helping people and the future of our country. When America is on track and strong as a nation, we can then help other nations and the world. Download our whitepaper to read more about this bold vision.


The team here at BisbeeCoin believes we will be the most unique and sought after crypto since Bitcoin. After all, wouldn't Bitcoin be great if it didn't have such volatility and was able to hold assets? BisbeeCoin is Bitcoin perfected. Read on to learn more.

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Please leave your email and comments about our website so that we can keep you informed.

Yours Truly,

Capt. Bob Bisbee and the Bisbee Crypto Team


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Welcome to BisbeeCoin (BCS). I am Captain Bob Bisbee. My team and I are true believers that crypto currency is going to play a huge part of our financial future. Thus, the reason for creating the BisbeeCoin. There are many different blockchain protocols that we could have used, and our tech team has the ability to create our own. The Bitcoin blockchain has proven the test of time, and the crypto world rises and falls on Bitcoins performance. We consider Bitcoin the almost finest currency ever created which is why we chose to use Bitcoin protocols. Though Bitcoin is perfect in so many ways, yet it has inherit flaws which cannot be changed. BisbeeCoin (BCS) corrected those flaws.

The BisbeeCoin has been created as a business and asset-backed crypto currency using Bitcoin protocols. In layman terms, we are the same technology as Bitcoin. BisbeeCoin can do everything as a crypto currency that Bitcoin does, but we have added valuable features. BisbeeCoin is asset-backed meaning it is supported by businesses and assets. A small percentage every dollar invested goes into BCS Corporation. The purpose of BCS Corp is to acquire assets and to fund BCS businesses which are real-estate, sportfishing, membership club, technology and philanthropy related. We will use half of our profits to buy back BisbeeCoin which we will re-invest or use to provide stability if needed. When an asset is sold it will either be re-invested or used to buy back BisbeeCoin also. Stability, steady growth, reduced volatility, and a store of value.

To summarize, BisbeeCoin is a crypto currency that can be used to pay for goods and services, can be used as a currency worldwide and it holds assets and businesses. Profits that are reinvested into itself which will only add to the value of BisbeeCoin. Our block chain is not just an empty box driven by hype. BisbeeCoin is a true store of value and the currency for humanity! 

In the following pages, you will learn about the Bisbee’s, and a truly exciting new cryptocurrency. Please download and take a look at the BCS Whitepaper. There you discover our roadmap to success and the bold vision to help not only America first, but the world. My crew and I look forward to having you aboard and we look forward to having you become part of the Bisbee crew family!


Tight lines and anchors aweigh!

Yours Truly,

Captain Bob J. Bisbee, Jr.


How Bisbeecoin Works



Let’s put it this way, BisbeeCoin was forked from Bitcoin. Every single protocol implanted in Bitcoin is in BisbeeCoin. Bitcoin is super encrypted and irreversible. Since bitcoins existence in 2009, Bitcoin has not been hacked. It remains secure. The only way to effectively gain control of the network is to own 51% of the total computation power that powers Bitcoin. This is completely unfeasible. 


HOW DOES BISBEECOIN WORK?  (The technical side)


For BisbeeCoin to work, we need to verify that all transactions are legit. For this, we have a proof of work (PoW) system. If anybody were to try printing extra coins they didn’t earn, or double spending, the block would be rejected. How are blocks created? A block contains information such as the hash of the previous block, the meta data, the Merkel Root and the nonce. How do we get a hash of a block? We can do this by hashing all of the information inside of a block using an algorithm. The hashing will give us a string of random characters such as 778845c333e0e2a1f32cd6c51dff9a50fc6082d5e897c377e713db6fe4776474 We then take the result and hash it again which gives us

4190fb7fa59c709395189ada248b32b021d3d5311e503d612d18cbc4e6fefadc This algorithm is called SHA256D.

The “D” at the end stands for double, since we use SHA256 twice


The previous block hash is all of the data hashed together. Let’s say we hash our current block with the previous block hash, the meta data and the nonce and we get 00a65cc94724535fd02497d3fc3a6721120af1acaae5f07e54bc64de921b7242 This will be the hash for our block. The next block will contain this in the previous block hash data.

The Metadata contains the block version number, the timestamp, and the difficulty. The nonce is the amount of tries it took to get the correct hash. The Merkle root is a hash of all of the transactions in this block.  

Below is what a block looks like.

Hash of previous block



Merkle Root

How It Works?

Bisbeecoin Functionality

We use a blockchain for our foundation. Think of the blockchain as a chain of blocks that are organized by the earliest date of creation. The blockchain system depends on miners to add blocks to the chain by doing intense cryptographic calculations, or mining, to verify a block. The miners look for a certain hash or string of characters that take a lot of calculations to even get.  Think of mining like a puzzle, there are tons of miners trying to solve that puzzle, whoever solves it first, wins. The winner is rewarded BisbeeCoin in exchange for all of the hard work. There are 21 million BC.

Goal: Julissa wants to send Bisbeecoin to Elsa

Transaction data is shared with Bisbeecoin users from the memory pool.

Miners compete to validate the transaction using the proof of work.

The miner who solves the puzzle first shares his result across other nodes.

If maximum nodes grant their approval, the block becomes valid and is added to the Blockchain

Simultaneously, the miner who solved the puzzle gets a reward

Now the Bisbeecoins associated with the transaction is received by Elsa.

Bisbeecoin Economics

Bisbeecoin Economics

A total of 21,000,000 BisbeeCoin (BCS) will be minted and distributed among potential BisbeeCoin holders during various processes.

  • Sale – 70%

The private and public sale of BisbeeCoin (BCS) will be carried out in different phases


  • Team – 5%

5% of the total BisbeeCoin will be given to team members, including developers, managers, and others.


  • Advisors – 5%

The advisors of the BisbeeCoin team will be given 5% of the total BisbeeCoin for their contribution.


  • Rewards – 10%

20% of the total BisbeeCoin will be given as an incentive to the participants promoting BisbeeCoin


  • Reserve – 10%

The reserved BisbeeCoin will be used by the company as per the need

Download Whitepaper

Bisbeecoin Whitepaper

The Bisbee Coin Whitepaper is our roadmap with detailed content displayed in layman terms. Bisbee Coin founder Bob Bisbee wanted the whitepaper to be simple and understandable so that everyone can comprehend what Bisbee Coin is all about. Don't worry, for you tech savvy investors, we have the information you are looking for also.

Our Team

Our Team


Captain Bob Bisbee
Founder & CEO BisbeeCoin

Captain Bob Bisbee, the man with a vision.

Founder:  BisbeeCoin.

Co-Founder:  Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Jackpot Tournament.


Capt. Bob has over five decades of service in the marine and tourism industry. Known as a man of character, Captain Bob is a proven leader and visionary with solid work ethics and a can do attitude, 

Having spent three decades as captain for the largest tech companies in the world, Capt. Bob has become a closet techie with a passion for creating, development and envisioning what has yet to come.

Capt. Bob's passions include yachting, fishing, anything boat related, traveling the seven seas, reading, Harleys, hunting, conservation and mustangs.

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